22 December, 2008

Lion Dance camp...

Lion dance camp jus over on the last friday.. Every1 having fun and learn new stuff. Even though we had most of our time focusing on training,and watch performace by our seniors and muda's.We had most of happy times 2gather...Many members complain for this camp.why?Cuz of only 5 days?They want for more... xD Not to praise for our own club.Its real that we had a successful camp this year...


Whos d most handsome here??haha

camp commanders and group leaders..

Fang hau dun act cute la..haha

what you all doin ah??aiyo choon man why u point ur head oh?

cute mar?after training at nite nth do.chia min the lion head and jaiseng the pigu..ear so big?

Say cheese!~~aww..so cute...

wuiwit~dun fall in love with me oh..i know i very cute.*wink*

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