28 June, 2008

The First Activity That Lead By Form 4 For Transition,Form 1 & Form 2 members

This is da firz activity tat lead by form 4 members for those transition,form1 & 2 members!!!
Very fun especially when nunu(darren) is giving his speech.
Members sry if da game nt nice o even sm1 said LAME...
Bt dun wry n dun feel dissapointed!!!
da nxt activity wil b more interesting!!! (we promise)
Thnx 4 ur supports n mz ask ur other frenz 2 join
cz CHUNG HUA LION DANCE is ur best choice!!!
a place u feel happy,can play,learn new skills and
da more important thing...2 noe more bout chinese culture!!!
so u all r welcome 2 our big family!!!
here r sm of da pics...

2 of da oc

demonstration of 贺岁鼓

Da gals (busy o) thnx!!!

Da members ^^

Form 4 TEAM!!!

Listening 2 da history of lion dance^^


wkk said...

whr is my pic?? T_T

~** sWeetPromise **~ -tCo- said...

hoi!!! whr is my drumming pics???... haha...

Chung Hua Lion Dance said...

no nid la...
even me oso dun hv u tink u hv meh!

kwww91 said...

lol...when'sthe next activity?

~** sWeetPromise **~ -tCo- said...

Next activity ar..after exams.. we need a meeting XD...