13 April, 2008

100 Season Drum Performance


100 Season Drum Performance will be held on the 4th of May at the chinese temple near the fish market. The practice will start on the 15 of April.. All participants plz be prepared for the practice.

For further info, plz find Tong Chung Ong (4S4) or Lau Kiu Yi (5S3). Thanks for your coorperation.


AmozZz ~MyPromise~ said...

Guys. Lion dance is where I gain new experience, get new friends, and get workouts. haha!! Guys, if you have not joined lion dance before, I wouldh highly recommend you to join it now. Lion dance is something I see as a place to be with my fiends.. And I am not joking, because I really loved Lion dance.. Haiz.. Too bad I cannot join it now. haiz..

~DoPromise said...

Hey all..Glad to see that chung hua lion dance to hv a blog..
Yeahhh i definitely agree wif u mos...
Lion dance is really a nice club..
U can learn many new knowledge about lion dance expecially during the camp which was held in the end of a year...
Besides, it's quite fun during the CNY and u may experience how we co-orperate with each other while giving our best wishes to all the miri citizen in the lorry from house to houses.. So dont hesitate anymore ,for those who's name hv not been in the member list !!
Join or u'll regret !
Btw , is that u r the owner of this blog ?? chungong